Starting manual trans. without clutch in

Starting manual trans. without clutch in

Postby mini on Sat Mar 30, 2019 12:39 pm

Hi MQ Triton drivers,

I was not aware of an undesirable feature on my MQ Triton (Manual) until I had bought it. The undesirable feature is that the clutch must be fully depressed before the starter will engage. In my older ML, all one had to do is either de-clutch or have the transmission in neutral. Now it seems we are all idiots and have to be have the clutch depressed.

The three (3) undesirable results of this feature is that if for some reason you stall in a river crossing because you may drop a wheel in a hole, is that you just cannot do a key start in gear, you must de-clutch and allow water to enter the clutch housing area - NOT GOOD. The second is that a key start on a moderate or steep descent is not possible either descending forward or in reverse. To de-clutch and lose the holding power of that strong engine compression is lost with a probability of an uncontrolled descent - NOT GOOD. I enquired on my first service to have this turned off if it was a selectable option, the answer was NO, it is a 'safety feature'. In the USA, where this is fitted to some select vehicles, there is a by-pass switch on the dash somewhere to circumvent this 'safety feature'. You never know, if I stalled on a railway crossing with a train approaching and engine would not start, a key start in gear would save my ass by moving me off the tracks. Guess the 'safety boofins' did not thingk of reason number three (3)- NOT GOOD
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Re: Starting manual trans. without clutch in

Postby mini on Sat Mar 30, 2019 3:23 pm

P.S. Looks like the above is just a statement of fact without a question. My question is, has anybody else thought about this and come up with a solution to override this ?. Is there a microswitch near the end of the clutch travel that allows a circuit to the starter motor. How does this operate so we can activate the starter without de-clutching. :x . Hate this on the new Triton. Any thoughts 4WD'ers

What I do like is the speed limiter, as the Triton is so quiet to drive I find myself inadvertently speeding. I hate paying fines and set my limiter to speedo of 65 in a 60 (about GPS speed) or 85 in a 80 zone. It is amazing how many times a trip I feel the lack of speed under the accelerator knowing I would have speeded if not engaged. Caution down hill of course where an over speed can work (unlike the Toyota Kluger Grande) Mini
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Re: Starting manual trans. without clutch in

Postby WUNSIE on Sat Mar 30, 2019 4:32 pm

I haven't got a manual triton, but one would think the switch is only like a brake light switch.
I,d run it past an auto electrician, maybe it shares the cruise control cancel switch associated with the clutch pedal

Mitsubishi techo,s would have you believe you cant put after market valve caps on your wheels :lol:
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Re: Starting manual trans. without clutch in

Postby DaveXT on Sat Mar 30, 2019 5:27 pm

Yep, there is a switch on the clutch pedal lever that can be defeated. Just remember to tell the service people that this "Safety Feature" has been defeated.
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Re: Starting manual trans. without clutch in

Postby RHKTriton on Sat Mar 30, 2019 6:19 pm

What a pain.

If you defeat this feature by means of rehashing the switch connection, just consider the effect on the cruise control. Pretty sure hitting either brake or clutch pedal drops cruise.

I'd be surprised if this couldn't be optioned out in software.

A module that defeats the switch below, say 5 or 10kph and goes normal above may be worth investigating if a dealer can't kill it.
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Re: Starting manual trans. without clutch in

Postby 4wd26 on Sun Mar 31, 2019 9:51 am

I do find it a pain, I like in reaching in and starting a vehicle to allow the radio or air conditioner to function.
Hate having to get into the vehicle to engage the clutch so the vehicle will start, usually do it very unsafe and hang out the door, not much of a safety feature that creates an unsafe condition where the "dummy" foils the safety feature

I have also had it stall the vehicle (I believe that this has happened) in certain conditions in 2nd or 3rd gear where you are lugging trying to get torque/ revs back up. I have 32" mud tyres and the engine sometimes just dosn't want to build revs in steepish off road

I have a service booked in 2 weeks and will ask the dealer, also need to get them to disable the "safety feature" of the auto door locking
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