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Important Announcement

Postby Dave on Sat Jan 31, 2015 4:26 pm would like to apologise for any inconvenience that may have occurred during our recent system upgrade. One of the upgrades was for the Tapatalk software used to access the forum on some mobile phones and other devices. The software was unfortunately flawed and the security settings which would normally apply were not taken up as part of that update. As a result of this software failure some areas of the forum which are normally private, such as the moderators' areas and the administration area were temporarily visible (on a preview basis only) to some Tapatalk users for a short time on Thursday morning.

As a result of these problems the site's Tapatalk functionality was temporarily disabled until the developers of Tapatalk could provide a revised version of the software without the defective code in question. This resulted in the forum becoming unavailable for some members who use Tapatalk as their primary means of accessing the forum and we apologise for the break in service to those members. Extensive testing will be carried out before any future Tapatalk releases are installed as a result of this failure and if that causes a further delay in Tapatalk access we can only apologise further, although these events were largely brought on by matters outside our control. We endeavour to restore this functionality once the issue has been resolved.

As some members have asked questions regarding the campfire section within this site, NTN would like to clarify the purpose of the campfire.

Originally set up not long after the creation of, it was an area created as a resource network for myself, the moderators and selected trusted senior forum members to consult with during the expansion and development of the site.

Over time as the number of moderators has grown and those moderators have enjoyed longevity and successfully demonstrated their ability to conduct site issues with less need for external input, the campfire section has evolved into a private section which, because if its nature, is not subject to the usual rules of moderation which naturally apply to areas accessible by the general public.

The moderators and admins at NTN aspire to maintaining the ultimate Triton based resource website for the purpose of delivering the most up to date technical information, contributed by the members, for the members for the benefit of everyone who shares our passion within the 4wd community.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members who have made this site the number 1"go to" website for all things Triton. A website dedicated to connecting people throughout Australia and internationally to share ideas, technical information, 4wd tracks or to simply hang out with others who would much rather be going bush than slaving away in our day to day jobs.

Our policies to keep our forums respectful are essential to ensure a welcoming environment for all.

Please familiarise yourself with our terms of use section (link below) if you have not already done so. We hope to enjoy continued growth, development and expansion of the site for years to come.

Yours truly,
Dave -
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