G'day all, 2007 gls

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G'day all, 2007 gls

Postby DAZ2007GLS on Sun Mar 14, 2021 7:21 am

G'day everyone,
After owning a 2010 ML 4x2 since new I finally upgraded to a 4x4.
After months of procrastinating on a MR I couldn't justify the current Covid tax and went a ML GLS instead.
Only picked it up on Monday so looking forward to getting off road and not being scared of getting stuck like i was in the 4x2!
I haven't owned a 4x4 for 20 years, old one was an 78 International Scout, so I feel very green again!
But i come from a 4 Triton owners family, 2x ML and 2x MR so I have good back ups lol
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