not enough power to brake controller on pedal press

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not enough power to brake controller on pedal press

Postby PixelPaul on Sat Nov 13, 2021 5:27 pm

Hi All,
I am having a weird problem i am hoping someone can help with.
I have a:
on my 2009 Triton ML

When i use the manual brake override on the controller, i can hear the caravan brakes go on, and the caravan brake lights go on.
When i use the pedal, the brake controller seems to read it ( sometimes lagged tho, sometimes i need to press the pedal a few times ) and i can hear power going to the caravan brakes ( they hum, tho i dont think they are going on very hard comparred to the override ) but the brake lights on the caravan are not going on, the cables are getting power when i read the volts, but it seems to be lower then when i manually put the brake controller manual override on. The brake controller shows a number 0-12 depending on the braking power it will apply, and i can get it to read the full 12 on the pedal press.
Its as if the brake controller is reading that i am pressing the pedal, but not outputting enough power down the line to the caravan.
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