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Postby ralphie on Sun Oct 18, 2020 9:49 am

NowForThe5th wrote:If the fan can be heard then the switch must be working. But if it can be heard but not felt then there must be a problem with the airflow.

Things to check:
- Blockage in inlet
- Blocked cabin filter
- A flap that controls air direction may be loose or not connected properly, such that only when airflow is high does air travel out and through the vents. This would be my first guess.

hi, I have just change the cabin filter and still does it, this problem is giving the shits and happens more when its hotter. thinking about it when the A/C is involved could it be switches??? when it working well its brilliant then no matter what fan speed setting is on the switch, it feels the is no higher than 1or 2 speed. If you turn off the truck/car it start flowing like normal then there is minimal flow through the vent but like i said before that you can still hear the fan going fast in its housing
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