2014 GLX-R Warrior Power Sound System - No Sound

2014 GLX-R Warrior Power Sound System - No Sound

Postby Coolbreeze on Tue Aug 30, 2022 5:45 pm

Hello folks,

I'm desperately hoping someone here might have some knowledge re a little issue I'm having with my MN before I throw in the towel and get the dealer to diagnose. Bit of info so please bear with me.

I have a 2014 GLX-R Warrior with the stock MMCS Power Sound System (power amp under driver's seat). Head unit is the W-13 (8750A486) and the power amp is the standard one that comes with all MN power sound systems (8701A308).
About 2 months ago I noted that audio was only coming from the front 2x speakers and tweeters. A few days after that audio was only emitted from the front driver's speaker and the tweeters sounded distorted and quiet. Fast forward another week, and the drivers front speaker stopped working as well leaving the only the tweeters which remained distorted and quiet.

On the dealers telephone advice and absence of test unit I purchased a new factory amplifier ($710) as apparently it "is almost certainly an amp failure". While waiting for stock from Japan, I found a similar amp at an MN at a wrecker for $50 but when installed I was faced with the exact same problem. No big loss as the wrecked car was full of water, had been sitting outside and wasn't the exact same model.

New amp arrives and I install but problem still remains, only distorted sound from the tweeters. Luckily I acquired a known working replacement W-13 (8750A486) head unit and installed.... EXACT PROBLEM STILL REMAINS.

Has anyone experienced something like this?
Edit - All fuses intact and wiring connectors secured.

Amp not getting power but this would not explain the progressive failure of speakers. Poor quality quiet audio from tweeters indicate connection between amp and headunit. Grounding issue with amp?

Would a shorted speaker or speaker failure cause these symptoms? I know this unit has short protection but this would stop all audio. I'm still hearing audio through the tweeters.
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Re: 2014 GLX-R Warrior Power Sound System - No Sound

Postby Coolbreeze on Fri Sep 16, 2022 9:33 am

This issue was diagnosed by Mitsubishi 2 days ago. All four door speakers have failed. Apparently I'm extremely unlucky. In near 20 years of motoring, I've never had a speaker fail, let along 4 within 2 weeks.

I suppose I'm off to source a some drop in replacements....
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