Front diff swap

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Front diff swap

Postby brett10 on Mon Feb 20, 2023 9:36 pm

Has anyone changed out their front diff to something bigger/stronger. I've read most of the cv's breaking posts and everyones in the same boat. I have a front lokka which is brilliant but obviously it makes the cv's too unreliable even on very light throttle. I understand pajero, delica etc are all similar size/strengths. Im currently researching a front diff out of the usa made toyota trd tundra wnich is very similar to our 200 series v8 cruiser. Or the aussie built TT ford raptor. Has anyone found other options that are better than the current set up. I dont believe a sas swap is the only option as there's V8 ifs 4wds pushing the 390hp mark without breakage.
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