MN Triton auto malfunction

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MN Triton auto malfunction

Postby petey0505 on Tue Apr 28, 2020 5:18 pm

Hi guys. Bought a MN Triton 4x4 5 speed auto with a transmission fault. Took a punt so hoping it pays off
The vehicle shifts from park thru reverse neutral etc with no problem. When selecting Drive the vehicle engages only third Gear and will not change up or down at all. Moving the gear lever to manual Makes makes no difference. The vehicle can be driven but is obviously limited due to being stuck in third gear.

The ā€œDā€ on the dash flashes continually and the engine check light remains on. Plugged in my cheap ass scanner to no avail

Have spent several hours searching this site and the net looking for answers. The only thing I can find is an English bloke who did the same thing and go had the exact same problem, albeit with second gear. He found a broken wire in the gearbox wiring harness which rectified the fault. He suggested they have a common fault where the harness rubs and a wire breaks albeit the insulation remains intact. Have inspected mine to no avail.

Live some distance away from mechanics etc but spoke to an auto electrician to no avail. Not really interested in having a look. Spoke to a tranny guy who was helpful and confirmed he believes it is an electrical problem albeit source unknown

So the purpose of my post is hoping if others have had the issue and can detail the fix please.

Many thanks. Pete
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Re: MN Triton auto malfunction

Postby RHKTriton on Wed Apr 29, 2020 8:16 am

First thing to do is remove the console and check out the switch on the gear selector.

Anything where moving parts are involved are the more likely culprit.

Your issue might be fixed by doing up a screw.
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Re: MN Triton auto malfunction

Postby Kyle4812 on Tue May 24, 2022 1:03 pm

petey0505 wrote:Hi guys. Bought a MN Triton 4x4 5 speed auto with a transmission fault.
Many thanks. Pete

Did you have any luck finding the issue?
I've currently got a similar problem, code I'm getting is P1783 5TH without completion of shifting.

I'll be driving fine then ute jerks around wildly then I get the flashing D and it's stuck in 3rd.

Have checked wiring.
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Re: MN Triton auto malfunction

Postby explorer.dave on Tue May 24, 2022 5:53 pm

I doubt you will get a reply from OP mate, he hasn't visited since Aug 2020.
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