Front suspension failing inspection

Front suspension failing inspection

Postby SteveS on Mon Sep 19, 2022 11:08 pm

Hello everyone,

I failed inspection (2007 MN) due to a leaking front shock absorber, got two new shocks and it failed again.
The way it's done here: put the car on a vibrating plate, measure suspension oscillations then compare each side to the vibrating plate, and the two sides against each other, must fit within a threshold. With my car, the phase difference to the vibrating plate is too small, but the difference between left and right too large. Should be the other way around to pass.

Normally, this issue is found on the rear suspension of light passenger cars, this is also reflected in the local forums where I can't find a car similar to mine with this issue.
The drop links of the anti roll bar and the silent blocks have also been changed recently.
Front wheel alignment hasn't been yet done after the shock absorber swap, the rear left hangs a bit lower than the right, but not sure whether these could be part of the problem.

Help? :)
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