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Re: chip it fuel rail pressure limiter

Postby dsp26 on Tue Sep 21, 2021 6:12 pm

NowForThe5th wrote:When I bought my chip it came out of a 4D56 and the pressure relief valve fitted my 4M41. It wouldn't take the pressure.

There were some modified high pressure valves around that Tony made, not many, but even they weren't enough for what I was running and I blew one of those too. So I bricked it. Not really a good idea since I subsequently blew a hole in the rail itself. Expensive, but I'm running a much lower tune now.

With a chip the only readings I get are modified, so I can't get an actual reading on the rail pressure.

Thanks for that clarification. Just wanted to verify as they looked the same but couldn't see a part anywhere listed for the 3.2 (assuming because it came as a full rail assembly for that model) and there seemd to be only 2 types, longer (denso) and shorter in-rail type (bosch).

Thanks for confirming the blowing also. There wasn't much info here except for this thread, but all the patrol forums seem to be across the limiter issue with the same feedback about it being dodgy once its blown the first time.

When you did have a blown limiter, did you have starting issues and worsened fuel economy?

Also, I take it Tony isn't around any more? Checked his profile, no login for last 2yrs
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Re: chip it fuel rail pressure limiter

Postby NowForThe5th on Tue Sep 21, 2021 6:55 pm

I was fortunate that I had a high pressure valve, two spare standard valves as well as the brick when I first installed the chip. After each time one blew out I just replaced with the next one up the range, so no extended use after each incident to experience any problems. They are, however, known for becoming less reliable once they've blown a couple of times. When I first installed the brick I used machined copper washers. The pressures were so high that the fuel just blew right through them.

I ended up giving all my spares to Tony who, at the time, was desperate for units that he could upgrade. And yes, he's not around any more, unfortunately, due to the pressures of running a property in difficult times and some personal issues.

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