Steve's 2013 MN

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Steve's 2013 MN

Postby SteveD on Mon Nov 06, 2017 12:28 pm


I'm the proud owner of a 2013 GLX MN, 4 door, 5 speed manual. Cost me $32,000 when I bought it new in May 2013. When bought, I wanted to keep it basic and not showy and got it in white with tonneau, ute liner, rubber mats, tow pack.

It's been a great vehicle - taken me to Vic high country (snow), NSW outback, Dig Tree and Innamincka, and recently solo west to east crossing of Simpson Desert without a problem (other than 2 bash plate bolts working loose and are now somewhere on the Rig Road).

I'll post pics in future, but mods to date include (in no order):
Smart Bar bull bar
Front light bar
Anderson plug outlets - bull bar and LHS rear tub
GME TX4500 -mounted under heater controls where plastic envelope was
Rear tub lighting mounted behind rear window
Work lamps mounted either side of rear number plate
Shovel, block splitter and TREDs holder mounted behind rear window
PVC tubes behind rear window to carry fishing rod and tent poles
Garmin Nuvi GPS mounted next to RHS front pillar
Dual battery mounted behind rear seats; Redarc isolator, 8 accessory fuse box
LHS rear seat power outlet - cig lighter and USB outlets
Bridgestone Dueler 897 LT tyres
Provent 200 catch can
Bushskinz underbody bash plates - intercooler and sump
Safari snorkle

I've only got 42,000kms on the clock. It's been a basic and reliable car.

Things I don't like:
Squeaky springs (but I will upgrade hopefully soon)
Positioning of intercooler (low and vulnerable)
Shape and thinness of ute panels -easily dented
Squeaky gear shift when in dusty conditions
Running boards - removed before they snapped off
Turbo lag
Uncomfortable seating - I'm 6'3 and heals and legs regularly get sore
Low gears could be lower (compared to my previous, old 75 series cruiser)
Radio aerial - keep bending it when I drive into the garage
Chassis strength - tendency to bend, the guy at Mt Dare and ranger at Dalhousie told me that a few Tritons had bent chassis during Simpson crossings (generally due to overloading)
Location of spare wheel
... I'm sure I've forgotten other things

Now I'm out of capped price servicing, I plan to do filters, oils etc myself.

Future projects:
Suspension - from what I've read on this website, no question about seeing the guys at Ultimate. I'll drive from Melbourne
Rock sliders
Water storage
Long range tank?
Carrier for 2nd spare wheel


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Re: Steve's 2013 MN

Postby Scale on Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:42 pm

On ya Steve, nailed it I reckon. :D
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Re: Steve's 2013 MN

Postby TheSheepKed on Mon Nov 06, 2017 9:06 pm

G'day mate and welcome.

Also a 2013 MN GLX owner (Auto). Mine has also been great so far (for the 5 months that I've owned it) with the exception of a few minor issues.
Put up a couple pictures of your car. I would particularly like to see the shovel/wood splitter that is mounted on the back window. I've been thinking about doing it myself and the kind of bracket I'd like to fabricate. Might steal some ideas off yours.

I also hate the squeaky springs but like you, will eventually upgrade the suspensions.

Whereabouts in Melbourne are you from?
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Re: Steve's 2013 MN

Postby Maxiy on Tue Nov 07, 2017 8:16 am

+1 for pics

Some really cool ideas i would like to see some pics of :D ;)
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