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Brand recommendations for MR

Postby doe on Thu Apr 16, 2020 5:51 pm

I've just picked up an MR GSR after driving an NT Pajero for the last 11 years. I'm going through the process of making the MR off-roadworthy. So far all I've decided on is window tint (Suntek CXP), floor mats (Mitsi high edge), UHF (Icom 450), racks (Rhino), snorkel (Safari), electric brakes (Redarc) and suspension lift (Bilsteins with SuperPro upper arms). So now it comes down to the remainder.

:?: Protection: I'm torn on this one so looking for recommendations. The Paj has a full set of Bushskinz inc steps combined with a Smartbar and I've been very happy with this set up. The Smartbar look isn't pretty but the bar is still in excellent condition after 10 years and has served me very well. The Bushskinz bash plates still look OK but the steps have some surface rust coming through the powder coat. I've given the back bumper some grief offroad but it just has the factory tow bar. So my thoughts on the MR are:
1: Smartbar with either Ironman or OCAM side steps and a Hayman Reese HD tow bar
2: Full PIAK setup which would be 3 hoop bar, side steps with brush bars and a full rear bar
3: Full Ironman setup which would be hoopless bar, side steps and a full rear bar

I had a look underneath the MR and I'm not sure that bash plates are needed compared to the Paj but I may be wrong. If I did get plates I'd probably get the aluminium Bushskinz but would need to confirm they fit with the bar I choose.

My main concern with the full steel set up is the weight and reduction in passenger safety in the event of a serious frontal crash. My main concern with not having a full rear bar is damaging the tub on departure but I'm not sure that's worth the extra 40 odd KG in weight and I should just pick my angles better.

:?: Tub: Like the idea of the Bedrug but not sure if anyone has ever fitted it to a Triton. Otherwise? not sure on a plastic tub liner or do I just go with some rubber on the floor. Last time I had a ute we just cut some old conveyor belt to fit which worked well as long as you were happy with the coal dust coming out of it.

:?: Canopy: My shortlist for this is Ironman Pinnacle, Flexiglass FlexiSport Premium, Carryboy SO or PJ's Elite. Probably leaning towards the Ironman as it is a little higher than the others and a good price but I'm happy to pay more if the quality is there. PJ's elite looks to be a nice set up but looks a little low. Main concerns are that it fits well, everything is durable and it doesn't leak too much. The canopy will need to be colour coded Graphite. Never owned a ute with a canopy before so I'm open to suggestions.

:?: Tyres: Have been a Mickey Thompson fan for a while and currently have a set of STZ's on the Paj which have been pretty good. Used to run a second set of steel wheels with MTZ's on them but got tired of swapping every time I went wheeling so I now settle for AT's as I can't handle driving around on MT's. Tried to get the factory wheels off the GLX fitted on delivery but apparently these don't fit the GLS/GSR front discs so will probably just keep the factory 18" wheels and live with the reduced sidewall. At this point I'm leaning towards Cooper AT3LT's in 275/65R18. Has anyone run slightly wider tyres on the MQ/MR? How was it? Other option is AT3XLT's in 265/70R18 but I feel the diameter might be pushing it. I used to run 265/70R17's on the Paj and that was really the comfortable limit before the ratios got too high and things started rubbing. The suspension lift should give me 40mm but I don't want to cut guards/mud flaps to get things to fit. The other tyres I like the look of are Toyo but their 18" sizes are whacky.

Generally speaking the vehicle will have to do a few things: Family getaways with a camper off the beaten track (we have an SUV for the beaten track), tow a boat to the ramp, carry surfboards on the weekend, occasional wheeling (Glasshouse/LCMP/Scenic Rim) and the odd 400km road trip for work. I ride a pushy to work normally and we have a 7 seat SUV as a daily so it won't get much use outside of this.

Happy to hear people's experiences / opinions and hopefully I'll get 10 years out of this Mitsi just like I did the last one.
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Re: Brand recommendations for MR

Postby HuntingSmiths on Tue Jun 02, 2020 9:16 pm

Hey mate, great write up! I have done all the same recently, MR GLS, went with the Piak no loop kit, EKO box and rhino liner. My first build as well. Following this with interest! :D
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Re: Brand recommendations for MR

Postby andelect on Thu Jun 04, 2020 5:54 am

Before you choose front end protection, check this discussion on engine temp problems in this thread
"MQ Normal Operating Temp??"
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Re: Brand recommendations for MR

Postby doe on Mon Jun 15, 2020 8:17 pm

Just an update so far. Replaced the woeful speakers and added a little 400W power up amp behind the head unit and that, combined with dynamat in all the doors, has made a massive improvement in the cabin.

Went for the Ironman Pinnacle canopy and pretty happy with it so far. The fit is good and the colour match on the graphite is close enough. Drove in some decent rain over the weekend and couldn't spot any water in the tray. My current tub liner is a piece of cardboard until the Bedrug turns up so should have noticed if it was wet.

Decided to go with the Piak bars. She goes in tomorrow to get front and rear bars along with side steps. They're also fitting the snorkel and roof racks at the same time. From there I'll be fitting the UHF and an Ultravision 205 4000K light bar and then she'll go in for suspension. Still haven't decided on tyres but will wait and see how much room I have after the lift. I'm guessing 32" will be where I'll end up.
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Re: Brand recommendations for MR

Postby Nick Bagus on Wed Jun 17, 2020 2:48 pm

Sounds awesome, keen as to see a photo once she's all kitted out. I really like the look of the PIAK barwork.
Nick Bagus
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Re: Brand recommendations for MR

Postby doe on Sat Jun 27, 2020 9:49 am

Still waiting on suspension and tyres but this is the progress so far.
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Re: Brand recommendations for MR

Postby Phoenix on Fri Nov 20, 2020 9:28 am

Doe, I found this forum through many of days searching on google before joining...

About to pickup my own MR GSR (hopefully this afternoon), after many of years paying my mates out for having a Triton, previously having a range of very capable GQ/GU Patrols, now needing something a little family/fuel friendly.

Now I've been in touch with a local supplier/installer of Piak but they couldn't confirm if the Hooped bar was actually compatible with the Autonomous Electric Braking (AEB) system. They were able to confirm it was compatible with the front park assist sensors (basically reading the brochure as I already had), but couldn't provide any further information.

Can you confirm if the Piak bar is actually compatible with AEB, now that you've had in on your GSR for a few months?

The only other bar I've really given two thoughts is the Ironman4x4 premium bullbar bar am utterly disgusted how the bar cuts back into the front bar and trimmed around.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
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