2014 Mn triton with a 2nd hand Spartan fibreglass canopy

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2014 Mn triton with a 2nd hand Spartan fibreglass canopy

Postby Whitty79 on Sat Aug 01, 2020 12:48 am

Just wondering if anyone could help me please, I brought a 2nd hand Spartan fibreglass canopy, well it came with a rear demister and a red led wing light(which i think maybe a brake light or Fog Light) anyway all the wiring is tucked away underneath the carpet lining in canopy, there is a wire loom and plug that comes from the canopy, and another loom that it plugs into which has a relay with 4 wires red, green, black, blue! The guy that I brought it of sent me pictures of where they came from but couldn't tell me what the wires were, so my question to help me is as follows, what do you reckons these 4 wires connect to on the kick panel drivers side, i have enclosed photos of wire loom and pics the guy sent me,
any help much appreciated, ive rang Spartan they wouldn't and couldn't help me, put me on to these other guys with still no luck as they couldn't tell me or wouldn't return my calls.

https://imghostr.net/images/2020/08/01/ ... 873cd1.jpg
https://imghostr.net/images/2020/08/01/ ... 90935b.jpg
https://imghostr.net/images/2020/08/01/ ... fba364.jpg
https://imghostr.net/images/2020/08/01/ ... 7015fc.jpg
https://imghostr.net/images/2020/08/01/ ... 83ef8f.jpg
https://imghostr.net/images/2020/08/01/ ... 59583c.jpg
https://imghostr.net/images/2020/08/01/ ... 4b29d8.jpg

Any help would be great, cheers guys.
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Re: 2014 Mn triton with a 2nd hand Spartan fibreglass canopy

Postby NowForThe5th on Sat Aug 01, 2020 3:43 am

Unfortunately your picture links don't work. Looks like you've used the URL for the page you were on rather than the link to the actual image. Need to revisit Imghostr and follow the instructions to get the image links.

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