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MR Tailgate Assist

Postby chriso on Thu Oct 07, 2021 8:08 pm

Hi guys I have a 2020 model MR GSR,
Recently I took the Ute back to the dealer regarding the Tailgate Assist ( hydraulic strut ) it somehow had caused the tailgate to not open correctly by binding on the cable mechanism next to it, damaging the strut. There has been a noticeable movement to the tailgate laterally left, resulting in a gap of around 3 mm and now a much greater gap of around 8-10 mm on the right where the strut is located. I went to the dealer and they agreed there was a problem and removed the strut.
I presumed the tailgate would be adjusted by the dealer when the strut was removed, but it wasn't. It was too late to re-schedule that day so I re-booked.

After that booking they said it was fixed but they hadn't replaced the strut and the gaps were the same. I then booked another appointment explaining to them about the gaps and how I wanted another strut and to get it back re-aligned the way I bought it, they assured me it would be done.

Today I went back they had the car for around 1.5 hours. I received a call from the service manager who stated they couldn't do anything to adjust the gaps anymore because of a small dent caused by an (esky around the size of a 10 cent piece) which hit squarely on top of the tailgate had caused the tailgate to shift. I then went back and met the manager who tried his best to convince me that was the problem.
Finally after hearing enough BS I then tore him a new one. I said do you honestly expect me to believe 4 bolts that are factory torqued and inspected had moved as a result of being hit by an esky. He said it's possible, I literally couldn't let go of my head. I have now booked another appointment... next stop is the Ombudsman.

My question to the Brains trust.

Has this tailgate problem happened to anyone else?


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Re: MR Tailgate Assist

Postby DibbyDibbyDJ on Fri Oct 08, 2021 5:18 am


Find another dealer. If the Tailgate assist was fitted at pre-delivery then the warranty work can be done at another dealer, and if its a workmanship concern they can address it on your behalf.

To have to take it back 3 times is unacceptable
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Re: MR Tailgate Assist

Postby chriso on Fri Oct 08, 2021 10:28 pm

Yeah I do agree, but I'm stubborn, so 1 more try. Thanks for you opinion though.
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