How to mount a roof top tent safely above cab?

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How to mount a roof top tent safely above cab?

Postby wipikafish on Thu Nov 18, 2021 3:58 pm

Hi all, (2011 dual cab, alloy tray/alloy 3 door Jack off canopy)

We would like to mount a RTT above the cab. The reason for doing this is so that the annex where adults sleep (kids sleep up top) does not get in the way of the alloy canopy on the tray. We plan to have a pull out awning attaching to the canopy that pulls out along side the RTT and annex.
I understand that mounting onto the current clamped roof racks is not a safe option and having some sort of attached brace from canopy across the cab will not work due to chassis flex.

So - how would you mount a RTT above the cab?

I was thinking a roof tray attached to the canopy that extends over the top of the cab and possibly resting on the roof racks? Only problem is those roof trays usually have rails running down the side of them that would inhibit the RTT opening up.
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