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Small exhaust tweak

Postby Bluey_Zarsoff on Thu Feb 22, 2024 3:54 pm

I have a 2015 mn triton and I installed a 3" dump pipe & 3" exhaust system a while back.
A few days ago I removed the dump pipe to weld some brackets to it for a heat shield & while it was off I noticed that the hole in the gasket was between 5mm to about 8mm smaller than the hole in the exhaust manifold.
I went & bought a new one and it is sandwiched together in two parts with a circular raised section all the way round on both sides that crushes flat when you tighten the dump pipe to the manifold.
So I got out my trusty tin snips and cut off the 8mm section of the old gasket that was blocking the flow.Easy to do because there is a build up of carbon on the gasket which you use as a guide. Then I traced the modified old one onto the new gasket and cut the hole in it larger too. So all MN must have this smaller gasket if the new one was the same.
Doing this made the hole in the gasket match the hole in the manifold & the 3" dump pipe hole was always bigger than the exhaust manifold hole anyway so it didn't mess anything up on that side.
Now, like me, you probably thought/think that doing this would do bugger all, but amazingly it drops egr temps by about 10 degrees and you get a slight HP gain, it's hardly a noticeable gain but you can feel it during acceleration.

Also I have noticed that when I change down & I back off now there is a different sound that comes from the snorkel, not the same burble sound that was there before( a shame because I liked that sound).
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