Time to say what it’s really about !!! (And hello)

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Time to say what it’s really about !!! (And hello)

Postby Dnr001 on Wed May 16, 2018 3:56 am

I get told
Dont buy a triton. They are crap

Nearly two years I’ve owned my Triton MQ exceed, but it is a price point reason or purchase of the Ute...nothing more nothing less. Needed to replace my current Ute at the time
it was a 2013 Hilux SR5, was a v6 didn’t set the diesel Toyota were having issues, but you had to know
I was quite unhappy when the current Hilux came out. hated It the look and the drive. Toyota dropped towing by 300kg a week prior to realise. (That says issues issue issue) much as I had wished it was better, it wasn’t as good as a Ranger and is it all about names, right!!!! Ranger, HiLux , BT50 etc But Tritons are crap that’s what I keep hearisaying well I’ll booked in a yeast drive and thought what the hell $23000 cheaper then Toyota .. And now I’m still loving it for more nearly 2 years later and 5 Hilux’s since 2005 with a caompany we own, go through a few utes and cars.
So what do you do when you save $26,000 well Go over the top with the engine mods and better performance to point out that we are looking at replacing the turbo intercooler to buy aftermarket and pretty full on internal upgrades i’m still loving it more and more nearly 2 years later.
I’ve done heaps of mods with off roading and noisy huge 33’s in big wheels and just over the noisy and not really something that you can use on the road for every day use. I still have limited tools I carry
So now I’m in the quest of bursting little bubbles of those supposedly better then us, owners of Ranges, BT 50s and HiLux and with my Street credentials looking good the clean little triton gonna shame quite a few. Hahaha
It’s is lovely when they come up against me at the lights and they have to merge into my lane. But then I leave them I swear they don’t look at me in the eye. They been done by the “inferior” triton.
It’s about changing that stigma and stupid thinking that each Ute is better or not then the next. . I could buy a Ranger a Hilux $But what they would have to be a whole lot more car then the Triton, and there simply not....!!! Some may have better features, but not every feature, triton wins segments of reviews all the time. In the end each to there own. I once was a hilux owner till I owned a Triton. Hahah. Hello all. x
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Re: Time to say what it’s really about !!! (And hello)

Postby NowForThe5th on Wed May 16, 2018 6:50 am

Welcome to the forum.

You won't find too many bubbles to burst around here - we already know how good the Mitsubishi product is. I'm on my sixth and there are plenty of members that are up to three or four.

Just a suggestion.... do a search on "Ebay turbo" before you head down the aftermarket route. ;)

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