Hard Lid vs Roller Lid - Blackline

Hard Lid vs Roller Lid - Blackline

Postby mattbald on Tue Oct 02, 2018 2:43 pm

Hey guys, first post here, so be gentle :lol:

I have seen a few posts with similar questions to this, but nothing for a little while and nothing that answers it for me.

I am looking at getting a new MQ Blackline in the next few weeks and can't decide if I want the standard hard cover or a roller cover. I have been looking a one of these as a possibility.

https://jhp.com.au/shop/ute-accessories ... e-options/

Anyone have any thoughts that may sway me one way or the other between the 2 types of lid?

Does the standard hard cover give a bit of extra height for storage in the tray?
Can the hard lid be removed by one person if a taller load is in the tray?
Anyone have a roller and hate/love it?

Appreciate any thoughts...

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Re: Hard Lid vs Roller Lid - Blackline

Postby NowForThe5th on Tue Oct 02, 2018 5:16 pm

Ok, so I did the search and came up with 3 pages of results, a number which might have been suitable candidates for the question asked.

However, you are, technically correct in that there isn't another thread specifically comparing hard lids with rollers so I've just, gently, moved the thread to the correct area. Given the number of threads already, the next person who starts a new one will see me step forward and, with a classic cover drive, belt it clear into the car park. ;)

The roller lids run rings around the hard lids.
- Not painted so the alloy is much longer lasting than paint, especially Mitsubishi's
- Easy to move out of the way for tall items and then seal up as soon as done
- No need to have to find somewhere to put that big fibreglass lid
- The hard lid can be removed by one person but it isn't all that easy and can't be done with stuff in the tub
- Better waterproofing from the roller
- Neater finish around the edges and won't wear the paint off the tub rails
- If you have taller items you can still put a canvas/soft tonneau over the top to keep the weather out (does need some pre-planning but I have one customer with this and he loves the flexibility)
- Looks neater

I can think of more.....

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Re: Hard Lid vs Roller Lid - Blackline

Postby mattbald on Tue Oct 02, 2018 8:47 pm

Sorry about posting in the wrong section and thanks for moving it over.

Thanks for the info, I think it’s helped make up my mind and I will go for the roller lid.
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