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ML GLX-R Crankshaft etc

Postby ozcapie on Mon Dec 03, 2018 2:48 pm

Hi all,

First post in a long long while. Sorry about length, but background info needs telling.

My '08 Manual GLX-R diesel now has 220K and was going like a dream until 24 months ago. Only non routine issue was cleaning the EGR gunk.
It suddenly shot from ave 9.0 to 9.3 L/100km to over 12 in city and about 10 to 10.5 highway only driving like a granny.
At same time my clutch had gone, replaced , but that was not issue.
EGR was cleaned again, lots of gunk.
Diagnosed at a Sydney diesel specialist company, I parted with about $500.00 with some guesses about what could fix it.
It had a noticeable roughness at 2,800 rpm, but I knew that already ,and suspicions of 'injector dripping' but quote given for injectors' replacement 'without guarantee that it sorts issue'.

About a month ago, just about when I was seriously considering booking it in for injectors, I broke down about 10km short of destination outside Canberra (coming from Sydney). Lost power and would not rev above 800 rpm. After about 15 min, several restarts, it revved up again and I drove it to customer, from there in afternoon to hotel, next morning same issue, lots of smoke and took it to a diesel specialist. DTC was 'crank angle sensor position'. After they replaced that it then showed 'cam sensor error'. They suspected 'maybe timing chain...but lets replace the cam sensor first'.
After leaving it there, a couple of weeks later they had done sensor replacement and it was fine.
Next time down there I picked it up and drove home totally fine- except for the high fuel economy. The concurred that "injectors need doing as soon as possible". However, next morning in Sydney , same issue and my OBD thingamy shows same original 'crankshaft sensor error'. Ok, maybe it is timing chain and I take it to diesel specialist referred by my mechanic who also a mate of mine.

Specialist mechanic gives very reasonable ballpark quote for chain etc and injectors at same time ...'subject to other defects'.

Today , after he has opened things up, several issues, from timing chain gear damaged through to harmonic balancer 'shredded' if I understand correctly. He can't even 'patch it up' just to get it running again without something short of a replacement engine with all the parts required from crankshaft through to chain etc.

Will have a look tomorrow, but short of dumping it I am pretty much up for paying nearly its trade in value.

Any comments/advice especially from similar experiences would be much welcomed.

Thanks so much in advance.


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