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Super Select Manual gearbox.

Postby justinp on Wed Mar 13, 2019 11:08 am

Please accept my apologies, I’ve searched the forum for answers and although there is some great information, I’ve been unable to find an explanation for my issue.
My MN 2012 manual trans with super select was purchased second hand last year, since owning it the lights that indicate the mode of 4WD have always been troubled, initially I thought after reading forum there must be vacuum related problems, so I discovered my vehicle has no vacuum associated with the transfer case and diffs, the rear wheel green lights 2h operate always, occasionally front wheel lights seem to work properly ( 4h/4hlc/4llc) only occasionally taking some time to go solid, I’ve never seen a light for the rear diff and the centre diff light always flashes, I’ve been under the car and unplugged all connections to box and transfer case ( not too easy either) there was a heap of grit in most, cleaned them out with compressed air and circuit spray, this made no difference, my concern about this got worse yesterday as I pulled my boat up a slippery ramp whilst in 4llc, when I got to top of ramp I stopped, put it in neutral disengaged back to 2h and it remained locked in 4llc, I managed to get it disengaged after turning it off, restarting and reversing back a bit, a few attempts were required for it to get back to business, again I apologise as I know there are discussions on this, but they all seem to be vacuum orientated and mine doesn’t have that, regards Justin.
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