Postby tritonliz on Sat Mar 21, 2020 8:31 am

Hi all,

Please help. I have so far been to 4 mechanics, 3 of which claim to be Auto Electricians for what I would have thought would be a simple fix, or at least a simple diagnosis.

So I have a canopy on the back of the Triton and the leisure battery to run the fridge, a few lights in the canopy and also a few USB sockets.

It started to play up about 18 months ago, resolved after a visit to a $WD place whilst in Victoria, and then is playing up again.

So I keep getting a fault light flashing on my fridge. It is a constant steady, regular flash. I looked up the fault and it is due to voltage drop. It is, however, still throwing the fault light even after trying it out after a long journey when the battery should be charged. The battery is only two years old and has hardly been used due to this ongoing issue (don't feel can trust the fridge to work so havn't been remote camping for ages).

I have an Evakool Fridge/Freezer. Had it for 10 years and have had it tested. Have been told that the fridge is running fine. The fridge was tested in the 4WD place in Victoria plugged into mains power and confirmed all working. They suspected that the normal 12 volt plug in cigarette socket may be the problem. They therefore cut the cigarette style fitting off of the fridge cable and fitted a Merit screw in style fitting to keep it securely in place in the 12 volt socket.

This worked for about a month then we started to get the same issues with the fault code. The problem I then had was that I could not test the fridge in a normal household power socket, as there is no adapter available to use the power cable to plug into to a house plug to test it!!! I went to a few 4WD suppliers and they said there is no adapter to plug a Merit style fitting into the fitting that is used to plug into household plug. I am still sure it isn't the fridge as at times it works and works well, but then next trip the fault code is thrown up again.

I checked fuses myself running from lights, fridge etc to the leisure battery and the same fuse kept blowing. I would replace it and then it would blow again.

So, I went to the 3 other electricians and they would replace fuse and say it looked OK, and appeared to be working. Then the fuse would blow again. One Electrician stated that one of the wires from the USB/Cigarette lighter panel , when tested, was live when it should not have been but he didn't seem to know what to do about that. The wiring I have is heavy duty so it shouldn't have voltage drop due to that.

I guess my question is does anyone know an amazing Auto Electrician or are there any of you guys that would be happy to have a look. Clearly, I will pay for this and also understand that people are isolating at the moment to a certain extent. I have spent $500 so far trying to get this sorted and still do not have a working fridge.

I should add that the LED lights do now and again not work in the canopy (wired to the leisure battery) and also a few of the USB points do not work properly from the Baintech Power Panel.

I am so frustrated after spending so much and it still not being fixed. Am happy to replace the Baintech Panel but no one has suggested this and now can't test the fridge (only in someone elses 4WD I guess).

Many thanks in advance, I am in the Northern Beaches but will travel to get this fixed.
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Postby Minza on Mon Mar 23, 2020 6:18 pm

Hi tritonliz,
I recently put a dual battery system in the canopy of my triton with a dcdc charger and after a while of diving and getting no charge into my aux battery i found a loose connection on my start battery that feeds the aux, wasn't real loose but not tight enough not to send right voltage to my charger, easy fix, might be something thats been overlooked.
Cheers Minza.
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Postby tritonliz on Sat Mar 28, 2020 7:15 am

Thanks, I will check it out. That would be a perfect easy fix if so. Liz
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