acceleration problems

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acceleration problems

Postby lytspid on Sun Jun 21, 2020 11:52 pm

hi mates, my triton 4d56u vgt auto gearbox would hesitate when i suddenly push the pedal to the floor as if theres no power but the then it catches up and accelerates hard, but if i gradually push the pedal slowly theres good power,,but if i again push the pedal to the floor it hesitates , too much black smoke coming out then ,, any recomendation i need to check? could this be a sticky vgt vanes problem or is it injector problem..thanks in advance,,,
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Re: acceleration problems

Postby mitzi1 on Mon Jun 22, 2020 8:39 am

I don't know exactly why it happens mate but I have noticed all forms of modern vehicles behave the same. Motorbikes have always been like that which is why you roll on the throttle on a bike not snap it on, which just results in a giant flat spot . With diesels it's much the same way. just roll the throttle on with a progressive movement of the pedal which keeps the vehicle accelerating. Just flooring it causes a giant flat spot . Use a little bit of pedal then a big bit as the engine responds. All vehicles are computers on wheels and it may br that if you just floor it th e computer is unable to receive and process the information it gets, send signals to the various control points and have them act on the instructions sent fast enough, so you just get a giant flat spot. A progressive roll on that the vehicle can cope with is much better. Turbo lag could be one part of that flat spot.
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