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Regearing MR Triton

Postby Tritony on Wed May 03, 2023 9:17 pm

Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone here has regeared their MR tritons after fitment of larger rubber.

The factory ratio in my Triton front and rear is 4.292.

I have gone from the factory 30.5" (or close to) tyres to 33.16" tyres, giving me an effective ratio of 3.94:1. I would need to regear my car with 4.6 ratio diffs to bring it back to near factory ratio.

Is there any factory diff ratios that came out in the MN-MR triton range with the 12 bolt 9.5" ring gear that I could have swapped over?

Also, if I am unable to find the 4.6 ratio diff gears does anyone know the effect the difference in gearing will have on torque converter lock up?

Will update this thread if I can find a solution thank you.
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